Fire Safety For Developers

Codes and regulations

Like all other California cities, Imperial Beach utilizes the currently adopted edition of the California Code of Regulations, Title 24. As part of the triannual code adoption process, Imperial Beach may choose to adopt specific codes in a more restrictive manner than the state. These code changes can be made based on the topography, geography, and climate unique to Imperial Beach. Once approved by the California Building Standards Commission these changes are codified into law and then enforced. For specific code modifications please refer to the Imperial Beach Municipal Code.

Life safety system plan review

Submittals for life safety systems such as fire sprinklers, fire alarms, and engineered suppression systems need to be submitted directly to the Fire Prevention Division for review. Plans are reviewed in-house, typically within 7 to 10 business days. The applicant shall submit (3) copies and one digital copy for state-required record retention. A complete schedule of review fees can be found in the link below.

Submit plans to Fire Department

Review fees on the Fire Department Development Review Application (PDF)

Construction inspections

Construction inspections are available as described in the table below and inspections should not be scheduled less than 48 hours in advance. Schedule your Fire Department construction inspection by emailing Tom Santos.

Monday10 and 112, 3, and 4
Tuesday10 and 112, 3, and 4
Wednesday10 and 112, 3, and 4
Thursday10 and 112, 3, and 4
Friday (see note)10 and 112 and 3

Note: Fire Department administrative offices are closed on alternate Fridays. Please check the City's Homepage for specific dates. Regular inspections are not available during city-observed holidays or closed Fridays and additional fees apply to after-hours inspections.

Intermediate and pre-concealment inspections

This includes Rough wiring, piping, hydrostatic testing, underground, backflush, thrust blocking, fire wrapping, etc.

Project final inspections (for occupancy)

Project final inspections are performed once all life safety system finals have been completed. The structure should be “move-in ready” with no outstanding punch list items remaining before scheduling your final.

After hours inspections

It may be possible to obtain construction inspections outside observed business hours however these inspections are subject to staff availability and require the approval of the Fire Chief. Inspection fees are paid directly to the Imperial Beach Finance Department at the rate specified in the Imperial Beach Master Fee Schedule.

KNOX Rapid access box

A KNOX rapid access box is provided to reduce costs related to a ringing alarm call. If your business has any of the following fire protection systems, you are required to obtain and maintain a KNOX rapid access box.

  • Automatic fire sprinkler system
  • Automatic fire alarm system
  • Automatic extinguishing system (commercial kitchen fire suppression system, clean gas suppression system)

When locks or door access codes are changed please provide the new keys/codes to Imperial Beach Fire-Rescue and staff will lock them into the KNOX box.

Each KNOX rapid access box is keyed specifically to our jurisdiction and an Imperial Beach Fire Marshal signed form is required to complete the order with the KNOX Company. Please contact our Fire Prevention Division directly at the Fire Department to obtain a signed order form.

Imperial Beach Fire-Rescue Department
Fire Prevention Division
865 Imperial Beach Boulevard
Imperial Beach, CA 91932